Monday, January 23, 2012

Austin Israeli Folk Dancing

our class is growing! Slowly but surely we are adding beginners who evolve into intermediate dancers. You are welcome!!!!! We have been contacted by two professors at UT to ask if we would offer a first visit to come for free. We currently have this program for UT students only.

So- we just got back from Tirkedu 2012 in Houston. It was fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Elad Shtamer is a wonderful markid- funny, energetic, and I still swear his feet don't really hit the ground when he is dancing. The organization of Tirkedu as usual was great- and this year there was the added bonus of a shmooze at Dee's house. We learned 7 new dances and reviewed two we learned in Dallas at RikuDallas.
We came back last week and taught Inbalim and Vishvilha. Very nice.
We will be teaching at the Jewish Tapestry of Learning this coming weekend- I encourage you to partipate in this program if at all possible- it is so fun.
Talk to you soon!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Austin Israeli Folkdancing- Tues Mar 29, 2011

We are gearing up for Kochavim!!!!!!!!! We leave tomorrow. If you are on the fence about attending a dance camp- come for one day- Saturday. It is the main day of teaching and a bargain price of $90. Go to for directions.
What has been happening in class? Wow, where to start? We have quite the beginners group going- they come every week. It isn't too late to join though- we teach and review every week! Last week we Ashrei Haish, and then we reviewed it again yesterday. Super fun.
I will have a full report after Kochavim! See you next Tuesday!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dancing at the J, Tues 1/18/2011

OOOOH! We had an awesome time Tuesday! But let me catch you up. We have many beginners coming now- 6 every single week and then a few pop up now and again. We just got back from Tirkedu! Super fun. Can't wait to review Bakapayim (Shmulik Gov Ari's new circle dance) I am experimenting with AMPS4, just having a problem with it not recognizing MP4s.
Okay, So Tuesday (yesterday) was awesome. Mickey Huber from New York came here on business- looks like it is becoming a habit! He taught us Lev Patuach- Edo's new dance. It is much simpler than it looks. I will attempt to review it next week - super dance! Melinda, Judy, and Gayle danced Bakapayim that I haven't learned yet- I'm waiting.......
Our beginners are awesome too. And welcome to Melba who just began coming. Your doing well!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Israeli Folk Dancing, Austin Tuesday, November 30

Last night was incredible!!!!! 6 beginners and an advanced dancer visiting from New York! Thanks Mickey for coming to dance- it was super fun dancing the older dances, some of which we haven't done in a while.
To the beginners- Cheney, Allison, Amanda, Bertha, David, and Beatriz- you guys are doing great... you picked it up super fast- and don't forget, with enough repetition your body will remember for you- so don't over think it, k?
Yes, we all had a great time dancing , and then an enjoyable sit down at El Arroyo was good times also.
What is coming up this month? Well- just want to remind you that probably the last two weeks of December- the 21st and 28th will probably be cancelled as I will be in Israel and Melinda might want the break too.
Coming up in January is Tirkedu 2011 in Houston. An great dance camp- can't wait to see all our dancing friends and to meet Schmulik GovAri- our teacher this year. You do not want to miss this- I will get the link to registration up soon.
Keep dancing- see you next week.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dancing at the J, Tues 11/2/2010

What a great night! We just got back from RikuDallas 2010 pumped and ready to dance some more (even if our bodies were a bit sore- whiners!) Anyway- we had 3 beginners tonight- a warm welcome to Beatriz and David. We missed Darlene and Gayle- oh and Gloria and Elizabeth.
In beginners we taught and reviewed Tzadik Katamar, Nigun Atik, and the beginning of At vAni. For Intermediate I taught Ze HaRega- This is the Moment. It was such a good dance- if I would just remember to turn over my left shoulder, lol. It was just Melinda, Judy, and I- we will probably need a reteach next week for our missing dancers. So it isn't too late to learn it- come next Tuesday!
I am still on a high from the RikuDallas! A big thank you to the Dallas group for a great weekend.
See ya'll next week

Monday, November 1, 2010

RikuDallas 2010 Review!

Well, another RikuDallas has come and gone. Road trip with the girls!!!!!!!!!!!!! We drove up friday and stayed at Dee Dee's house. She has a lovely townhome.
Shabbat dinner was held at Ravit's home. The entire Dallas group was welcoming and dinner, company, and kiddush was lovely. I really enjoyed meeting the new people that were not there last year.
If I am a bit disjointed, it is because I am so tired. While there were several breaks- instruction didn't start until noon thirty. (well 1 if you count IST (israeli standard time))- we danced until 4:30 pm then went to Caren and Bennets home (love Caren muchly!) for a schmooze, then back to Dee Dee's to freshen up, then back to the J for the dance party. Of course we came a little late thinking they wouldn't start at 7 because of IST but we were wrong, lol.
Okay- instruction part- Roberto is an awesome Markid- he is very aware of all the dancers, watching who needs a little extra instruction and keeping the atmosphere light. He reminded us to enjoy our mistakes instead of getting mad at ourselves. We all laughed a lot, lol. I enjoyed every single dance he taught! Here are the dances taught:
Hine Ani
Le'ehov Im Efshar
Yam Harachamim
Hamal'ach Hagoel Oti
Alizut (sunday)
Ze Harega (thursday and reviewed Sat night)
Kabukim Lele (favorite!)
Couple dances: Shtaim Balaila, Corazon, Sheyavo
Line dance: Yakalelo
Some were a bit out of my comfort zone- but I loved all of them.
The dance party was totally awesome- we know so many dances now- and since we were mostly the ones that wrote requests in the board, they played lots and lots of dances we know. Dee from Houston did a great job of balancing the programming of songs. Roberto is very approachable, he doesn't hold himself aloof- and who doesn't enjoy listening to a British accent? We ended at 1am but when we got back to DeeDee's, I had to take a bath to make my legs stop aching. (the floor for instruction and the dance party was very hard- linoleum in one, laminate parkay in the other.)
Sunday morning was instruction for 2 couple dances and then a review session for all the dances we had learned. I think I did pretty well.
We went back to Dee Dees and packed the car, then off to the Galleria mall for a visit to the massage chairs in Brookestones, lol. Lunch at Corner Bakery and off to Austin. The drive was going very well and we were on our expected time schedule until we hit Temple. Apparently a gas tanker spilled gasoline across the highway and traffic was shut down both directions. We didn't know why we were creeping along the highway at 1 mile per hour. It took us 2 hrs to go 2 miles. Finally I had to go to the bathroom so bad that we took the next exit where we found out the cause and then after we all visited the facilities, we took the service road to the next on ramp which was past the shutdown party so we were able to resume normal driving speed. I did miss trick-or-treating though. I was a little sad- the kids are so cute trick-or-treating!
I am glad to be home- but I had a great time and of course hanging out with my dancing friends is a blast (even if Gayle doesn't share her ice cream (you know I had to say it, lol))

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We are dancing tonight! Tues 10/18

Okay, sorry to have not updated recently. Yes we are still dancing on Tuesdays 7:00-9:30 and we are now dancing in the Aerobic Room. Come on out tonight
For beginners: we will review Mayim, At VeAni, Nigun Atik, and Tzadik Katamar. Melinda will also teach Shabbat Menucha.
In Intermediate:
- I am teaching At Li Haba'it

And Melinda is teaching Enigma .
Both are super fun dances. Come join us!