Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dancing at the J, Tuesday, 12/15- Austin Israeli Folk Dancing

Well, it was a very small group tonight- we started out with just 3 of us and Gayle came later. The weather outside was very cold- ok, that really means that the wind was cutting and it was chilly- but really this is Texas people. At least we didn't have 4 feet of snow like up north. We missed Judy, Karen, and Gloria.
We started out with El Hamaim (thank you Melinda) and then I taught Ahava Tenatseach. It was my first time teaching, but we muddled through it somehow :). Then we reviewed Hayde, Tzel Etz Tamar, and Debka Alon. I adore Hayde and Ahava Tenatseach. Like big puffy heart them.
As far as I know we will still be dancing next week- I will teach Ahava Tenatseach to the ones who were unable to come this week. And we will review El Hamaim. Anybody have a dance they would like to learn?

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