Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dancing at the J, Tuesday, 12/22- Austin Israeli Folk Dancing

What a "crowd" we had last night! Thank you for visiting Carla! Have a safe trip home to California. We got to see Rachel last night as well. We taught El Ha Maim again (thank you again to Melinda and Gayle) and then we taught Ahava Tentatseach again- but I hadn't reviewed so I am afraid my teaching was rather choppy and fast- but we got it and danced it through twice. I am sure we will review it several times before Kochavim again. Speaking of which- that is coming up in April- mark your calendars. You can find more information at
Other things of interest- we danced Lechu Neranana, Mizmor Shir, Rokdim Yachafim, Adama VeShamayim, Hayde, Hazmana Lemechol, and Dror Yikra (classic version). We got quite the work out.
I lent my dance shoes to Carla because she left hers at home and let me tell you, I can tell the difference in my knees today. But I was glad to be a good hostess :)
Everybody stay safe and see you next week! I was debating about teaching dam dam but I am not sure if I can learn it well enough by then. Meanwhile- here is a link to it:

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