Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dancing at the J, Tuesday, 1/12/10- Austin Israeli Folk Dancing

Oops- just realized I didn't post. We took a consensus- and since the majority of us were leaving tomorrow for Tirkedu in Houston- we decided that we wouldn't learn any new dances this week. So we reviewed all the dances we have learned in the past few weeks. Hayde, Liya, Hazmana Lemachol, Amarine, Ahavat Tenatseach, Sapri Li Ahuva, Kama Ahava Yesh Be'einiech, Eretz Esh v Eretz Yam, Debka Allon, Rokdim Yechefim, and then we danced a few favorites- Behar HaGilboa, Beilelot Hakayitz, Kismei Shaul, Mizmor Shir, Adama VeShamayim, and a bunch of others I can't think of. I am glad we just reviewed because I suspect we are going to be on brain overload by the end of the weekend.
We leave tomorrow at 3 to drive to Houston. We will attend the regular Thursday session and then Melinda and I will stay at a hotel and Judy will spend the night with a friend. In the morning- Melinda goes to hang out with a friend and I will meet up with my little sis who lives in Sugar Land. I am thinking a museum is the best bet since it is supposed to rain all weekend. Friday evening is Shabbat services with a get together at the Moses' for fun and dance. Saturday is dance sessions and Sunday is partner dancing and a review session before we leave for home. I can't wait!!!!!!!!! Talk to you soon :)

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