Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dancing at the J, Tuesday, 1/6/10- Austin Israeli Folk Dancing

First Post of the New Year! It was a chilly evening but lots of fun! I did teach Liya- it was lots of fun. Although I do have to apologize- when I get nervous I chatter so it probably took longer to teach than strictly necessary- oops.
Then Melinda did a fabulous job of teaching Amarine. Then it was 9:00 so time for reviewing so we danced El Ha Mayim and Rokdim Yechefim, Ahavat Tenatseach and Hayde. We had just enough time to redance Liya and Amarine and squeeze in Baleilot HaKayitz before we had to scoot out the door.
Plans are in motion for our trip to Houston. I am driving since Carzilla (as Ori calls my minivan) can fit all of us and our luggage. We are headed over to Houston on Thursday the 14th around 3ish to catch their regular dance session and we will just hang on Friday with friends and family until Shabbat dinner. Saturday will be dancing dancing dancing Hooray!
We have one more blog post before Tirkedu. After Tirkedu I will post a review and some pics. Always after a dance weekend I am sore- but so ready for the next one- so watch here for information about Kochavim 2010- one of the best dance camps. We have people who come from California, Pennsylvania, and even London. I highly recommend it!
Forgot to say: next up: Melinda is going to teach Elohim Taase She'Nigdal and Malachim (Mona's version!) (can you spot Judy and Gayle in this video?) I am there too- but not in the video. I was truly a beginner at that point and did not want to be responsible for single-handedly ruining the video :)

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