Monday, January 18, 2010

Tirkedu Houston 2010- Review and Pics

What an incredible weekend. Loved every minute, from the Thursday night regular class to the Friday night party at Shira and Ron's house. Dancing was so much fun in their living room, it was close quarters for as many of us as there was but it was incredible. Then Saturday sessions were good. We got to see many friends that we only see at camps.
From picture left- Haskell, Gayle, Judy, Me, and Melinda. Like the shirts? My sister made those based on my design. We got lots of compliments on them. The front says Yesh Rikud? in Hebrew and the back says Dancing at the J and the blog address.
I just have to say, Ofer is an incredible dancer and teacher. I never felt overwhelmed and if I didn't get it the first time, that was okay because we reviewed each dance he taught 4 or 5 times. I was so glad he did, because I think this camp I remember more than the other camps I have been to- although if I could only choose one camp I would probably choose Kochavim in April (details and registration link coming soon).
Want to know what we learned?
Here is the list of dances we learned. I was both happy and distressed to find the majority of dances are brand new- only distressed because I can't get the videos to review with. I loved them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HaLaila Yesh Chagiga (love love love)
Shamat Shimacha (like this one too)
Shomreni El (Partner)
Tiftechi li et HaLev (Partner)
Tnili Siman (incredible dance)
Nagni Gitara (Partner)
LaChazor Habaita (waltzing one)
Tzlil Roim
Me'ever Lamasach

My top three- in no paticular order were Ya'akov, HaLaila Yesh Chagiga, and Tnili Siman.
Sunday was the Partner Session- we watched the last half of it- our group isn't currently big enough for partners and that was followed by the last review- what he did was a walkthru review and then we would dance them to music.
Everything was well organized, the food was great, things mostly started on time (well, we are talking Israeli time here). The hotel they recommended was very comfortable - and the breakfast, although it wasn't included, was reasonable with the discount coupon they gave us. So just for fun here is a video of Me'ever Lamasach- it is the only one I could find a video to embed:

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