Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dancing at the J, Tuesday 2/16/10- Israeli Folk Dancing Austin

Last night was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had 9 people- a large group for us, I wish we had that large a group every week. We saw Sandra who we haven't seen in ages- welcome back Sandra!
We spent the night reviewing and dancing all the dances we learned at Tirkedu as well as some of the simpler ones such as Al Sadenu, El HaMayim, and Lechu Neranana.
We also danced Hayde, Ahavat Tenatseach, Liya, Rokdim Yechefim, oh so many fun ones! Really glad we had a large group.
We are all gearing up for Kochavim, coming up April 22-25! I am so looking forward to it. So Melinda is going to teach us Suddenly and Anachnu sometime soon. Both are line dances by Orly Saterah.

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