Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dancing at the J, Tuesday 2/9/10

Another fun night- although for the life of me I could not dance Ahavat Tenatseach, which -considering I taught it- was sad. My only excuse is we ending up teaching/reviewing 5 dances. We had Dawn join us, who we haven't seen in ages! Judy was out due to an issue at home.
In other news- I am so excited. This blog is finally showing up on the google search engine, so now if you are looking for Israeli Folk Dancing in Austin, you can email me for more details. I hope Stephanie- the first person to google us- will join us next week. She is in the same situation as me, in that she can only really take 1 night a week to do her own thing. We happen to have a few other things in common including photography, boys who are 7 and 4, and a love of border collies!
Sandra should also be coming next week too.
Next week we will review, but not teach any new dances.
See you then! Oh and a friend suggested I take some videos and post them so if I can get permission from the group, I will do so.

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