Friday, February 5, 2010

Oops! Just realized I haven't updated.

Hi, its been a busy couple of weeks since I posted. Promise I will do better. We have been reviewing the dances we learned at Tirkedu- we remember 5 of them now pretty well. Gayle retaught Halaila Yesh Chagiga so it was really fun to do that one. Next week I am hoping for Me'ever Lamasach.
My sis surprised me with another shirt- this time with the lettering in a pretty salmon pink. She really knows how to make me happy. Must be because she is my twin, that she knows me so well. :)
Okay- so we have a couple of new beginners- I hope we didn't scare Verla off last week. She came right before we ended beginners so she really only got to learn one dance. But Tammy has come back twice now and is loving it so go Tammy! I remember when I was first learning... I would dance the beginner dances and then watch with interest all the intermediate and advanced dances that were danced. I learned originally from Mona Goldstein- she then graduated and moved to DC where she leads two weekly sessions. I miss her- she was so organized, always on time, and I don't think there was a dance she didn't know. She wouldn't recognize me now. I can dance intermediate dances now- and some advanced ones if we do them over and over. Even to the point that I can teach dances now (like Liya).
Talk to you next week- oh and registration for Kochavim is open now- you can link from the button on the right hand side.

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