Monday, April 26, 2010

New Dance Location finalization

So despite the drama, we will be dancing at the J still, moving to the multipurpose room beginning May 18th. Tentative time will be 7:00-9:00pm which is earlier which is a very good thing. Pricing currently will remain the same- $6.00 for Non Members and $4.00 for Members and students. We can only take cash at this time.
I am hoping with advertising and organization our group will begin to grow. We have some wonderful material we will be reviewing from our weekend dancing at Kochavim- which I am still recovering- not much sleep if you stay up so you don't miss anything :)
Teaching will be assumed by Melinda Torrence and myself and will run on the following tentative schedule:
7:00-7:15, warm up and beginner dance review from prior week
7:15-7:30, new beginner teach/dancing
7:30-8:00, review of intermediate dance from last week
8:00-8:30, new intermediate teach
8:30-9:00, requests
Your requests for dances to be taught are welcome and can be sent to Teresa's email. We will have a list of dances that we will cover each session so that we are not sitting around asking " what do you want to do next?" You can email us a particular request , or write it on our large post-it paper each week. Every effort will be made to accomodate. If you know a dance really well and would like to teach it, just let us know- we are open to suggestions.
I will post more information before we meet for the first time. Look forward to seeing you there.

Kochavim 2010 was AWESOME!

I have to tell you, I am exhausted! It was an incredibly happy making dance camp. This is my second visit for Kochavim- last year being my very first Israeli Folk Dancing camp ever. We had a great time last year, meeting new friends and learning dances, but this year- Oh this year I really enjoyed. I brought my SIL from California- who introduced me to IFD 7 years ago in David Dassa's group. I immediately came back to Austin and searched for IFD in Austin and found Mona Goldstein (Ohevet Ozevet :) ) teaching here. Then she graduated and moved away so we miss you Mona!
Back to Kochavim- Roberto was unable to attend due to the volcanic ash (like that is an excuse hahaha) But we had Mitch, Alana, Ken, and David Dassa to help us get over our disappointment. The teaching list was about evenly mixed between couples and circle dances-
holech uva (moshe eskayo)
sheya'ale ha'or (gadi biton)
erev kachol amok (eyel levy) cpl
pa'amone hamizrach (shlomo maman)
ra'iti bachalom (dani dassa)
shimri li al hamangina (shlomo maman) cpl
darbuka (shmulik gov-ari)
tfila laderech (nona malki)
ata af pa'am (david dassa) cpl
no'adnu (gadi biton) cpl
shimu achai (shmulik gov-ari)
me'ohav ad hashamayim (dudu barzilai)
rachamim (yankele levi) cpl
neve midbar (shlomo maman)
mehashamayim (avi levy)
zohar badeshe (avner naim) cpl
tsomet hadrachim (itzik se'ada) cpl
kama chaser (yaron ben simchon) cpl

This year, I really felt like I took more away from the camp than last year. It wasn't necessarily that I was overwhelmed but that I wasn't used to learning dances so quickly and so much at a time. My favorite of the whole camp was Me'ohav ad hashamayim but really I loved all of the circle dances. I don't dance couples as there isn't interest in them here.
Thank You Dee, Jennifer, Shira, Ron, Mitch, Ken, David, and Alana for the wonderful experience and organization! And thank you Bar for the use of Camp Young Judea which was absolutely beautiful, and I look forward to sending my children there in a couple of years.
It is barely over and I am already ready for next year. See you soon!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Announcement Announcement Announcement

There will be a change in Venue- tentatively we are moving to the Texas Hillel, located at 2105 San Antonio Street downtown. The time will start now at 6:30 and go until 9:00, still on Tuesdays.
This change is due to some drama from Tuesday. We are working with the J to possibly continue with a change in rooms but until then, the Hillel will be our venue.
Please continue to join us there until the matter can be resolved.