Monday, April 26, 2010

New Dance Location finalization

So despite the drama, we will be dancing at the J still, moving to the multipurpose room beginning May 18th. Tentative time will be 7:00-9:00pm which is earlier which is a very good thing. Pricing currently will remain the same- $6.00 for Non Members and $4.00 for Members and students. We can only take cash at this time.
I am hoping with advertising and organization our group will begin to grow. We have some wonderful material we will be reviewing from our weekend dancing at Kochavim- which I am still recovering- not much sleep if you stay up so you don't miss anything :)
Teaching will be assumed by Melinda Torrence and myself and will run on the following tentative schedule:
7:00-7:15, warm up and beginner dance review from prior week
7:15-7:30, new beginner teach/dancing
7:30-8:00, review of intermediate dance from last week
8:00-8:30, new intermediate teach
8:30-9:00, requests
Your requests for dances to be taught are welcome and can be sent to Teresa's email. We will have a list of dances that we will cover each session so that we are not sitting around asking " what do you want to do next?" You can email us a particular request , or write it on our large post-it paper each week. Every effort will be made to accomodate. If you know a dance really well and would like to teach it, just let us know- we are open to suggestions.
I will post more information before we meet for the first time. Look forward to seeing you there.

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