Thursday, August 12, 2010

Yesh Rikud? Impromptu Workshop in Austin

Oh I am so excited about this! We will be hosting a workshop in Austin. Dee and Yoav from Houston will be visiting us Saturday, August 21st. Dee will be teaching us a number of dances; a couple of classics and a few new ones.
We have also invited San Antonio to join us. If you are stopping by, you are welcome to attend. The level of this workshop is mostly intermediate/advanced. Cost is free, although you are invited to give to a fund for a gift for Dee as a Thank You!
Location: Aerobic room in JCAA 7300 Hart Ln Austin
Time: 1:00pm
Teacher: Dee Jacobson

After workshop Soiree at Gayle's house
Email me for more details or with questions:

Israeli Folk Dancing Austin 8/10

Well, its summer- so I am home with all four of my children. That is my only excuse for not updating recently. 2 weeks til school starts!
So the news from Tuesday- it was just the four of us. Melinda, Judy, Gayle, and myself.
In recent weeks we have learned Sfiniteha, Tagidu La, Ashir Lachem, Al Salsalim, and Tuesday we learned: (well relearned) Ahavat Chayai. We also reviewed Ashir Lachem and Halev Nitpas.
I am making a separate post in a moment about exciting news!