Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Israeli Folk Dancing, Austin Tuesday, November 30

Last night was incredible!!!!! 6 beginners and an advanced dancer visiting from New York! Thanks Mickey for coming to dance- it was super fun dancing the older dances, some of which we haven't done in a while.
To the beginners- Cheney, Allison, Amanda, Bertha, David, and Beatriz- you guys are doing great... you picked it up super fast- and don't forget, with enough repetition your body will remember for you- so don't over think it, k?
Yes, we all had a great time dancing , and then an enjoyable sit down at El Arroyo was good times also.
What is coming up this month? Well- just want to remind you that probably the last two weeks of December- the 21st and 28th will probably be cancelled as I will be in Israel and Melinda might want the break too.
Coming up in January is Tirkedu 2011 in Houston. An great dance camp- can't wait to see all our dancing friends and to meet Schmulik GovAri- our teacher this year. You do not want to miss this- I will get the link to registration up soon.
Keep dancing- see you next week.