Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dancing at the J, Tues 1/18/2011

OOOOH! We had an awesome time Tuesday! But let me catch you up. We have many beginners coming now- 6 every single week and then a few pop up now and again. We just got back from Tirkedu! Super fun. Can't wait to review Bakapayim (Shmulik Gov Ari's new circle dance) I am experimenting with AMPS4, just having a problem with it not recognizing MP4s.
Okay, So Tuesday (yesterday) was awesome. Mickey Huber from New York came here on business- looks like it is becoming a habit! He taught us Lev Patuach- Edo's new dance. It is much simpler than it looks. I will attempt to review it next week - super dance! Melinda, Judy, and Gayle danced Bakapayim that I haven't learned yet- I'm waiting.......
Our beginners are awesome too. And welcome to Melba who just began coming. Your doing well!