Monday, January 23, 2012

Austin Israeli Folk Dancing

our class is growing! Slowly but surely we are adding beginners who evolve into intermediate dancers. You are welcome!!!!! We have been contacted by two professors at UT to ask if we would offer a first visit to come for free. We currently have this program for UT students only.

So- we just got back from Tirkedu 2012 in Houston. It was fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Elad Shtamer is a wonderful markid- funny, energetic, and I still swear his feet don't really hit the ground when he is dancing. The organization of Tirkedu as usual was great- and this year there was the added bonus of a shmooze at Dee's house. We learned 7 new dances and reviewed two we learned in Dallas at RikuDallas.
We came back last week and taught Inbalim and Vishvilha. Very nice.
We will be teaching at the Jewish Tapestry of Learning this coming weekend- I encourage you to partipate in this program if at all possible- it is so fun.
Talk to you soon!